Drywall Indirect Purchasers Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: January 9, 2019

If you purchased drywall you might be entiteld to $100. The remaining defendants in a drywall price-fixing class action lawsuit have reportedly agreed to a settlement that, if approved, will put an end to the litigation. The first drywall price-fixing lawsuits were filed in December 2012 and were eventually consolidated in Pennsylvania federal court. A consolidated amended drywall class action lawsuit was filed on June 24, 2013.

Class Members include: “All persons or entities currently residing in the United States that indirectly purchased Drywall in the United States manufactured by any of the Defendants, their subsidiaries, affiliates, or joint venturers for end use and not for resale during the Settlement Class Period.” The Settlement Class Period is Jan. 1, 2012 through Jan. 5, 2018.


Varies, depending on the type of claim, whether proof of purchase is provided, and other factors. 17 percent of the settlement fund will be allocated to Class Members who made purchases of stand-alone drywall used in a project performed in their home. The remaining 83 percent of the settlement fund will be allocated all other Class Members.

Funds will be distributed pro rata based on the claimant’s recognized Claim Amount. Class Members who provide proof of purchase showing the price they paid for drywall during the Class Period will have their purchases valued at 100 percent for the purpose of calculating their recognized claim amount.

Class Members without proof of purchase must declare the number of sheets of drywall they purchased during the Class Period or the square footage of drywall installed in their homes. The drywall will be valued at $11/sheet to estimate the purchase price, and the purchases will be valued at 75 percent of the estimated purchase price. Class Members who do not submit proof of purchase will be subject to a $100 payment cap.

January 09, 2019