Auto Dealership Parts Price-Fixing Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: January 21, 2019

Settlements totaling $115 million have been reached in a class action lawsuit accusing certain automotive parts manufacturers of engaging in a widespread price-fixing scheme. Automobile dealerships that purchased new vehicles or bought certain vehicle parts for a vehicle in the United States since 1996 may be entitled to payment from the class action settlement.

Class Members of the automotive parts settlement include automobile dealerships that indirectly purchased any of the covered component parts and/or purchased new vehicles containing these parts in the states listed in the class action site since 1996.

Varies, depending on where the dealership purchased the vehicle or auto parts, the type and quantity purchased, and the total number of claims made by eligible Class Members. Detailed information about the potential award amount can be found on the auto dealer class action settlement website.

January 21, 2019