Windsor Windows Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: January 5, 2019

Do You Own Windsor Windows That Caused Damage? Claim Up to $2,500! Property owners who suffered damage related to a Windsor Window can claim benefits from a recent class action settlement.

The Settlement Class includes all previous, current or subsequent owners of a structure with “Qualifying Windows,” as that term is defined in the settlement agreement.

Qualifying Windows are windows within the Pinnacle and Legend product lines manufactured by Windsor between Jan. 1, 2000 and Jan. 5, 2018. Legend Series windows include Legend Hybrid windows manufactured by Windsor.

A window that was factory-mulled by Windsor and installed in a single opening is considered a single qualifying window. (Mulling is a process that connects two windows together so that they can be placed in a single opening.)

The settlement website has a page devoted to Qualifying Windows and Damages to help potential claimants determine if they have a Qualifying Window. Persons who aren’t sure whether they are a Class Member are invited to consult the settlement website or call the settlement administrator.

Class Membership by itself does not qualify a person for benefits. To qualify for benefits, Class Members must have suffered damage to a window or to the surrounding structure.

Up to $2,500.

The Windsor Window class action settlement provides a variety of benefits. Qualifying Class Members may receive a window sash replacement, a cash payment to compensate for damage to a window frame, cash payment of up to $2,500 to compensate for “Additional Damage” (damage to the structure adjacent to the window), and reimbursement for prior repairs.

January 05, 2019