Sam’s Club Freshness Guarantee Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: March 26, 2018

Get an Estimated $10 Gift Card From This Sam's Club 'Freshness' Settlement!

Sam’s Club members can now benefit from a $6 million class action settlement resolving claims over the wholesale club’s freshness guarantee. Qualifying Class Members can receive a $10 Sam’s Club or Walmart gift card if they purchased certain fresh products and returned them to Sam’s Club during the applicable time period.

Class Members eligible to make a claim are Sam’s Club members who, within the applicable class period, purchased certain “Fresh Products” from a U.S. Sam’s Club and returned that product to Sam’s Club but did not receive the full value of the Freshness Guarantee.

The class periods vary, depending on the state where the Class Member resides. For most states, the period starts on Sept. 11, 2008 or Sept. 11, 2009; it starts as early as Sept. 11, 1999 for Kentucky Class Members. All class periods end on Nov. 9, 2017.

The Fresh Products include certain foods available from Sam’s Club’s meat, deli, produce, bakery or seafood departments that are sold fresh, prepared fresh by Sam’s Club, or are “farm-to-club” fresh products, according to the settlement agreement. These products include fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood.

The Freshness Guarantee, as set forth in the Sam’s Member Benefits Pamphlet, reads: “Refunds on Fresh Product (i.e., Meat, Bakery or Produce) will follow the 200% guarantee: Double the Member’s money back OR refund of the original purchase price and replacement of the item.”

Anyone who is not sure they are a Class Member may call the settlement administrator to confirm.

$10 gift card (projected value).

The value of each Class Member’s gift card is expected to be $10. That amount could increase or decrease, depending on the number of claims received. The maximum gift card value is $25.

Gift cards are limited to one per Class Member, regardless of how many returns that Class Member made during the class period.

March 26, 2018