24 Hour Fitness Prepaid Membership Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: February 26, 2018

Did You Enroll in or Update Your 24 Hour Fitness Prepaid Membership? Get a Refund or Reduced Fees! Members who paid annual renewal fees for a 24 Hour Fitness membership may qualify for refunds and lower fees, thanks to a class action settlement.

The settlement Class covers persons who, according to 24 Hour Fitness’s records, enrolled in or updated a 24 Hour Fitness Prepaid Membership on or after April 1, 2006 and were still enrolled in a prepaid membership as of April 1, 2015.

Refunds and Reduced Fees

The available benefits are very detailed, depending on the individual Class Member’s situation. Consult the settlement website for full details.

Generally, Class Members who submit a Claim Form will be allowed to continue their memberships by paying the annual renewal fee at its initial amount, whether or not their fees have been increased. Those whose fee has increased may get the fee reinstated at its initial amount and may receive a refund for any fee amounts they paid over and above the initial fee amount. Those whose memberships were cancelled after they received notice of a fee increase can get their memberships reinstated at the original fee amount.

Class Members who do not submit a claim form may see their annual renewal fees increased, but 24 Hour Fitness will be restricted in when and how much it can raise those fees. The restrictions vary depending on the type of membership. Those whose fees have already increased may receive a discount on future fees. Those whose memberships were cancelled may be able to reinstate them at a reduced amount.

February 26, 2018