XPO Logistics Ikea Delivery Survey Call Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: January 30, 2018

Did XPO Call You Regarding an Ikea Delivery? You Could Get Up To $263! Did you receive a post-delivery survey call after May 1, 2011 from XPO Logistics, Inc. regarding an Ikea delivery? You may be eligible to claim between $131 to $263 from a class action settlement.

Class Members of the XPO TCPA settlement include all persons who received a pre-recorded post-delivery survey call after May 1, 2011 relating to an IKEA delivery, and whose telephone numbers are identified  in the call data produced in this litigation bearing the litigation production numbers XPOLG024550 and XPOLG024553.

$131 – $263 estimated.

The amount of money you could receive from the XPO TCPA class action settlement will depend on the number of valid Claim Forms submitted by Class Members.

It is impossible to determine exactly how much your award will be, but Class Counsel estimates that the amount of the cash award may be within the range of $131 to $263.

January 30, 2018