Ends on October 3rd, 2018
Did You Purchase Zicam Cold Remedy Products? Claim Your Share of $16M! According to the Zicam effectiveness class action lawsuit, certain types cold remedies produced by Zicam LLC and Matrixx Initiatives Inc. were falsely advertised. Specifically, the plaintiff alleges that the companies diluted ...

Ends on September 8th, 2018
If you purchased Bertolli Olive Oil Class you might be owed $25! Deoleo USA Inc. has agreed to pay $7 million to settle a class action lawsuit that contends that certain “Bertolli” brand olive oil products (the “Products”) were inappropriately marketed as “Imported ...

Ends on August 29th, 2018
A settlement has been reached in the UFC streaming technical difficulty class action lawsuit that alleged a technical difficulty with the streaming service caused millions of fans to miss parts of “The Money Fight,” a well-publicized match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, ...

Ends on December 13th, 2020
If you own a Cuisinart food processing machine, you may be entitled to $15 from this settlement. Conair Corporation has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging some of its Cuisinart food processors come with riveted blades that crack over time and cause portions of the blade to detach.

Ends on January 5th, 2019
Do You Own Windsor Windows That Caused Damage? Claim Up to $2,500! Property owners who suffered damage related to a Windsor Window can claim benefits from a recent class action settlement.