7 Three Ingredient Dinners to Make this Week
Salt, pepper, and other toppings can be added if you would like!
1. Ham and Cheese Rollups

All you need are 3 ingredients for these scrumptious ham and cheese rollups! Beyond delish dunked in mustard or horseradish sauce, and incredibly easy to make for weeknights!

These super simple Ham and Cheese Rollups knocked us both off our seats! Just toss your ham and cheese onto a batch of stretched out pizza dough, roll it up tight, and pinch the edges to seal. In under an hour, it crisps up into a beautifully golden, gooey loaf!

Each slice is full of scrumptious, hearty lick-your-plate goodness. Crazy delicious dunked in your favorite spicy mustard and served with a big green salad on the side. You can also substitute ham for your favroite deli meat of choice! Head to The Comfort of Cooking for this recip!

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